BridgePay Support & Status

We understand you may have questions or issues that arise and you are looking for additional support from BridgePay. Please see the following categories to help better assist you. Thank you for being a valued partner with BridgePay!

Gateway Technical Support

If you are a merchant or partner looking for technical support for your LIVE/PRODUCTION account, please contact BridgePay Gateway Support at 1-866-322-9894 or emailing us at The team is available 365/24/7.

Training Videos

Visit BridgePay’s YouTube channel to view videos on how to use MyBridgePay’s EMV Enabled Virtual Terminal, reporting, batch settlement and more. Resellers can view helpful merchant boarding videos along with product demos.


Integration Support & Knowledge Center

Are you looking to integrate into the BridgePay Gateway or need assistance with your current integration efforts? To connect with our Integration team please submit your request here. Check out our new Developer Center containing technical documentation and sample projects!

Gateway Status Report

BridgePay’s Network Monitoring allows you to check on the status of the gateway and also our processing partners. Simply visit to see the current status or incident reports. You can also sign up here for email status notifications.

BridgePay Public PGP

BridgePay uses a number of encryption technologies to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest. Technologies include, but not limited to: SFTP, Encrypted Email, HTTPS/TLS and PGP (GPG). If you need to share data/documents containing sensitive information, before sending to BridgePay, you can use our PGP public key (below) to encrypt the data:

BridgePay PGP Download Key here.