EMV for any point of sale

PayGuardian for your Point of Sale Integration

BridgePay’s PayGuardian solves EMV enablement for your point of sale or omnichannel solution. PayGuardian handles the collection and transmission of sensitive payment information, thus offloading the certification responsibility from merchants and integrators.

Check out what PayGuardian can do!

Whether you are an integrator with an Android tablet to manage ticket sales or a restaurant POS using iOS, PayGuardian has a solution. We even customized PayGuardian to meet the needs of our pharmacy partners. A list of these customized features can be viewed here.

Zero footprint middleware solution

Platform independent

Reduce installation and deployment time

Ease of integration with Java SDK, Public JSON REST API or .net assembly

EMV device support

PCI Validated P2PE device options



  • Cloud

    Our newest Cloud product makes payments weightless with no local software install! A true omni-channel solution for a merchant looking to solve for counter top or wireless devices, PCs or tablets, iOS or Android--it's all in our cloud solution. PG Cloud is highly scalable and allows the end user to view and manage all devices across multiple locations via our online portal.

  • Android

    Feature rich offering to Android users. PG Android plugs into the point of sale via the Android library to accept payments. Choose from various USB and mobile devices to take payments anywhere! Our API is PA-DSS certified with Android KitKat 4.4 and above. PG Android is EMV enabled handles point to point encryption and tokenizes all transactions to ensure seamless and secure payment processing.

  • iOS

    Offering PA-DSS mobile payments for retail and restaurant, PG ioS supports iPad and iPhone devices with iOS 8.0 and above and utilizes the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Take it mobile to pay at the table and reduce the scope of PCI using encryption and tokenization.

  • RMS

    BridgePay offers exclusive solutions for users of Microsoft's Dynamic Retail Management System (RMS). Designed to act as a conduit between the BridgePay PayGuardian and RMS, our plug-in runs seamlessly with the POS. The basic installation bridges the processing parameters and you can immediately begin using all of PayGuardian's features within the RMS software. No additional integration is required for this product. Simply install and go!

all-in-one payment solution

PAX + Android + Gateway = endless integration options

  • Choose from PAX’s Android-based A920, A80 & A60 to the BridgePay Gateway
    1. • Use as a standalone terminal or with a point of sale integration
    1. • Multiple integrations methods offers flexibility and functionality
    1. • Custom PAX BroadPOS BridgePay app available in PAXStore
    1. • A920, A80, A60 available now
    1. • The A series offers a truly mobile solution using wifi or cellular
    1. • Supports Retail, Restaurant, Healthcare
    1. • Store & Forward capable
    1. • EMV Contactless
    1. • PCI Validated P2PE available to reduce PCI scope for merchants
    1. • Electronic Signature Capture
      • Process Credit, Debit, EBT & Gift Card
    1. • Coming Soon: E series, IM series, Px series and more!