bridgePay BridgePay For Resellers

Are you looking for payment technologies that…
  • Enhance the value of your services to your partners and merchants?
  • Increase customer retention and sales?
  • Offer the cutting edge solutions in the ever evolving payment industry?
BridgePay provides our Reseller partners the competitive edge when it comes to value added services and products for the payments industry. Our technologies have the ability to work individually or as a suite offering an advanced solution from the point of payment all the way through to settlement. BridgePay’s solutions provide a toolbox for resellers and point of sale developers to uniquely attract new customers in the integrated point of sale market. Utilizing industry leading data security technology and premium web-based solutions, BridgePay offers a comprehensive suite of payment products to solve the issues of EMV while easily reducing the scope of PCI.
With PayGuardian, Resellers can offer partners an all in one EMV solution, true PCI PA-DSS certified solution and NFC solution. PayGuardian eliminates an integrator’s annual compliance requirements and software development costs associated with accepting payments with their application. PayGuardian is integrated with both the BridgePay Gateway and SecureLINK.
With the BridgePay Gateway, Resellers can offer partners and merchants a payment processing engine for any payment tender type connected to a growing list or processors and service providers. In addition, the BridgePay Gateway provides a standalone desktop virtual terminal solution for quick deployment or as a backup solution. BridgePay offers private label services for Resellers to offer a truly exclusive and professionally branded gateway for your customers.
With SecureLINK, Resellers can leverage the BridgePay Gateway with a suite of decryption and tokenization products that protect cardholder data beginning at the point of swipe with point to point encrypted card readers. We secure the transaction from the point of entry through the entire process, thus reducing the overall scope of PCI.
With MyBridgePay, Resellers gain a complete back of the house solution and merchant solution all in one! This product contains our newly redesigned virtual terminal, reporting suite and merchant boarding tool, all available at one access point for the reseller.
 Let BridgePay enable you with:
  • Increased differentiation from your competitors
  • A proactive approach to EMV and PCI compliance
  • Significant added value to your merchants, leading to more sales and increased retention
  • Streamlined sales and reduction of support costs
  • Simplified integration with simple APIs for direct and indirect interfaces
  • 24/7/365 US based gateway technical support
Our Reseller partners gain access to the BridgePay technology team for customization and development projects along with integration expertise. In addition to access with our Gateway Support team, our Client Relations department trains all Reseller partners on the internal tools such as boarding and reporting, and continues as a point of contact for escalated issues. BridgePay prides itself on its simplified fee structure and offers complete reporting transparency. As a Reseller partner, you always know what you and your merchants are paying for.


Our partnerships are built to last!